Insurance - Primary Liability and Cargo


These are often the most expensive items among the above-mentioned, and you will have to pay some money up-front weeks before you even start operating. Without proper insurance on file, the process of activation of your MC will not begin. You may be exempt from cargo insurance, however, if you are planning to haul low value goods such as sand or gravel. Ask us for the full list of cargo insurance exempt commodities.


Depending on the size of your fleet and experience of your drivers, your insurance may cost you many thousands of dollars. Never focus on only one insurance quote even if you have got it through the word of mouth. While some companies may offer competitive rates for some businesses, they may turn out to be very expensive for others. Ask us for a quote on your business and we will check the rates with at least three brand name companies. We also offer bobtail, physical damage, occupational, workers compensation, business liability, personal car, home-owner, health and life insurance plans (ask for availability in your state).