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Get truck license plates

In order to register your truck in the state of Illinois for the first time, you will have to provide the following:


  • Driver's License: copy of your valid Illinois driver's license with the current address

    • if you employ drivers, copies of their licenses will also be required

  • Proof of Illinois address

    • most current copies of four of the following items: 

      • phone bill (required),

      • rental agreement or mortgage statement,

      • property tax bill or assessment,

      • certificate of insurance (auto liability, life, health, etc)

      • utility bills (gas, electric, water),

      • articles of Incorporation/Organization,

      • personal car or commercial vehicle financing agreement,

      • copy of your last year’s personal or business Illinois Income Tax Return

  • Proof of ownership 

    • must include your vehicle’s make, year, VIN and owner’s information, such as:

      • copy of a title issued in your name,

      • copy of both sides of a title assigned to you,

      • copy of the Illinois tax form ST-556 (if purchased from a dealer in Illinois),

      • dealer’s bill of sale showing the dealer’s license # (in some cases, a state’s tax form must be attached),

      • bill of sales between private parties are no longer accepted



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